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Description of Services

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Organically Green™

     This truly is the sensible, safe, effective, dependable, natural, reasonable, ecological way to develop a healthy, green lawn!!  The advantages of using our Organically Green, 100% organic lawn fertilization program are really quite overwhelming.  Our Organically Green service:

  • delivers the proper nutrition to your lawn

  • is free from the possible side effects of chemicals

  • is safer for use around people and pets

  • is environmentally non-intrusive

  • produces good lawns because 100% organic fertilizer conditions, builds and loosens soil

  • helps increase soil moisture retention, which means less watering in both sandy and clay soils

  • helps develop a sturdy root system that enables grass to more easily tolerate drought, while increasing the lawn's ability to control weeds, disease, and insects on its own

  • is non-toxic, non-burning and non-staining

     But even under the best of situations, problems can occur.  So, in addition to offering advice to prevent weeds and disease naturally, we can as part of our fertilization program, sensibly and safely apply chemical products that prevent, control, or eliminate lawn problems of almost any kind.  We do this by not only spot spraying when and where it is needed.  This means, and this is critical, that we never apply chemicals across your entire lawn, but only where problems exist.  This makes sense.  It takes more effort and more time to do it this way, but we earnestly understand and believe in the need to be prudent and careful, not only for your family, your pets and your lawn, but for the environment as well.

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